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How to Be Happier in Your Life & Art


We live in an age of unprecedented opportunities, resources, and connections. So why do so many people seem anxious and discontent with their lives? I believe the reason is that most people have trouble accepting who they are. We see others around us who seem to have more talent or success. By comparison, we see […]

4 Proven Practices That Will Help You Be More Authentic


This post is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey, which releases May 19. You can get a free copy, along with other valuable bonuses, when you join the Artist’s Suitcase Insiders team. Click here for info on how to join. “Xerox” is a term we don’t hear […]

5 Signs of an Insecure Artist


Three years ago our family decided to get a dog. We discovered a sweet Australian shepherd named Madison at the local animal shelter. She had been abused by her former owner and was terrified of men. It took several months before she would even let me pet her. Over the last three years she has […]

3 Reasons to Join the Artist’s Suitcase Insiders Team


On Tuesday, May 19 I am releasing my new book The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey. This short ebook has been a labor of love and I’m excited about the opportunity to share it with the world. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve shared excerpts here and here. I will do my best in […]

The Guilt-Free Guide to Choosing Which Books to Read


I used to feel guilty about all the books I haven’t read. I would walk into my office and see all those unread books and feel like a loser. (The same applied when I saw all the unread books on my Kindle app.) When was I going to invest more time into reading? When I […]

Don’t Let Your Quirks Make You a Quack


We artists have a reputation for being a little different. It’s sometimes a point of pride among us. After all, who wants to be just like everyone else? It’s OK to be a little quirky, right? Yes and no. Everyone has quirks. Those are the funny little habits, ways of talking and thinking, and a […]

Things Jesus Didn’t Do


In the modern world we like to gauge our status and self-worth by our positions and possessions. Sometimes I wonder how Jesus would stack up against all the things we think are important. Jesus never held a political office. Jesus never had an “author platform” or bestselling book on Amazon. Jesus didn’t have a podcast. […]

How to Be an Excellent (Not Perfect) Artist


There is a lot of misunderstanding these days about what excellence means. Many times the word “excellence” is code for “perfection.” That’s a dangerous ideal because it puts pressure on us to reach something that’s not attainable. We need a definition of excellence that is healthier and more realistic. But first, why is it so dangerous […]

3 Keys to Creative Confidence


This is a guest post by Jason Pockrandt. He is the author of The Confident Fathers Guidebook: 5 Steps to Personal Transformation, which you can download for free through Friday, March 27. When I first took a leap of faith from a job I hated, I had no idea where I would land or how […]

15 Essential Books for Artists


It’s been said that “leaders are readers.” Artists who want to make an impact should be readers as well. Great books have a unique power to stretch your mind and take you places you would otherwise never go. In this post I’ll share fifteen books that are essential reading for every artist and creative person. […]