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The Best Way to Spark Your Creativity (or, What I’ve Learned from Substitute Teaching)


One of the dangers of getting older is that you fall into routines that are predictable and boring. No matter what type of work you do—creative or otherwise—this is going to happen unless you take steps to prevent it. If you’ve read my blog any amount of time, you know that I’m a full-time professor. […]

The Parable of the Purple Porsche

One day, a man sat at home fretting about the direction of his life. He was bored and reached for a book on his shelf that contained adventure stories. He read a story about someone who drove a purple Porsche from his small town to the big city and founds lots of success. The man […]

An Interview with Mike Roy, Visual Effects Artist

I’m excited to share an interview with my friend Mike Roy, founder of and a  visual effects artist. In his long-time work with a world-class creative studio, he’s contributed effects to such projects as Spy Kids 2 and the video for Katy Perry’s song Firework. Mike has been a freelancer and independent artist, creating […]

The Most Powerful Way to Jumpstart Your Writing


I’ve heard from various sources over that years that around 80% (or more) of people want to write a book. If that’s true, there is a massive gap between those who want to write a book, and those who have actually done it (or are doing it). What accounts for the difference? Why is there […]

5 Habits That Will Help You Be a Creative Rock Star in 2016


How was your 2015? That’s the question everyone’s asking on this final day of the year. And it’s a valid question, because if you don’t evaluate your success, you can’t improve. Like everyone, I had both wins and losses this past year. Some of my wins were: Publishing my second book, The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 […]

How to Create a Personal Growth Plan for 2016


As you think back over the past year, how would you measure your progress in different areas of your life? Are you happy with who you’ve become and what you’ve accomplished? The answer to that question will largely depend on whether you were intentional about your personal growth over the past year. If you set […]

Five Reasons I Started Blogging and Why You Should, Too


This is a guest post by Jennifer Hawks, who is a wife and full-time working mom from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a 2012 graduate from St. Louis Christian College and enjoys writing as she journeys through life. You can connect with her via email, her blog, and Facebook. Let’s be honest. Blogging is something […]

Please Take My 2015 Audience Survey

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.37.32 PM

I want to make sure that I’m producing content that meets your needs. In order to do that, I need your feedback. I’ve created my 2015 Audience Survey to give you an opportunity to share some insight into your interests and the best ways I can help you. The results of the survey are completely anonymous, […]

3 Frustrations of Every Artist (And What to Do About It)


I’ve worked with creative people my whole life. During junior high and high school I was a part of many different bands, choirs, and stage productions. In college I began to play guitar, lead worship, and travel with performing groups. In my 20’s, I worked with all kinds of creative people as a creative arts […]

5 Ways You May Be Killing Your Own Self-Esteem


This is a guest post by Anna McConnaughhay. She is a writer and college senior whose passion is to help others move forward and inspire growth in their lives. (She also happens to be one of my students!) You can connect with Anna at her website, Annamotion, as well as email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram […]