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5 Steps to Declutter Your Workspace

Time for a confession: Our basement used to be an absolute disaster area. Over the years we had let boxes, odds and ends, and even unused furniture accumulate to the point where it was hard to even get to our washer and dryer. Every time I went into the basement (which was several times a […]

4 Convictions About Creativity That Drive Everything I Do

Creativity is a popular topic. A Google search for “creativity” produces over 600 million results. A search for “creativity blogs” produces over 21 million results. It seems that everyone, and every type of industry, loves this topic. There’s a good reason for the intense interest. Creativity is embedded into every part of our lives—relationships, career, […]

What “Hamilton” Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Taught Me About Valuing People

Let be up front: I am a huge fan of “Hamilton”, the smash Broadway musical created by Lin-Manual Miranda. “Hamilton” won 11 Tony awards in 2016 and has been the most talked-about musical in decades. And for good reason: It’s absolutely mesmerizing. But there’s another reason I’m such a big fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda: he […]

4 Unusual Ways To Get More Writing Done

  Picture this: a writer sits down at his desk to knock out his word count for the day. It might be a chapter of a book, a blog post, or some freelance writing. He glances at his calendar and sees that he has four interrupted hours of writing time. Perfect! He makes good use […]

How to Juggle Multiple Projects Without Losing Your Mind

Jugglers have always fascinated me. As a kid, I would watch variety shows like That’s Incredible! or The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and stare at the screen. I was mesmerized by the bowling pins, knives, and flaming torches flying through the air with such precision. As a teenager, I learned to juggle three tennis balls. […]

4 Ways to Get Unstuck and Start Creating Again

I recently sat down with an artist friend of mine to see how she was doing. We’ll call her Diane (not her real name). She is a talented leader, writer, and event planner. Diane was feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities. She had said “yes” to too many commitments and didn’t feel she could get out of […]

An Open Letter to Artists Struggling with Jealousy

  What is your biggest problem or frustration as an artist? That’s the question I recently asked on Facebook. Most of the responses dealt with common issues such as finding time to create art, not feeling motivated, and how to stand out from the crowd. Finally, one person was brave enough to say what everyone was […]

10 Movies That Will Inspire Your New Year

This post is part of the “10 Movies” series. Click here to read the previous post, “10 Movies That Will Blow Your Creative Mind.” The beginning of another year is a great time to think about a fresh start. Many of us will set goals to improve our lives or achieve greater success. There is […]

How to Make More Time for Your Art: Track Your Time

I often talk to artists and writers about the biggest frustrations in their creative lives. One of the themes that almost always emerges is a lack of time. Despite having access to devices and technology that are supposed to save time, most people feel busier than ever. Do you feel this way? I do sometimes! […]

What I Learned from 3 Embarrassing Business Failures

If you’re like me, you’re probably reflecting on the events of this past year—your highs and lows, your successes and failures. And if you’re especially like me, you are prone to beating yourself up for your failures. After many years of feeling guilty for my mistakes, I am finally learning to see my failures as […]