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Whatever Happened to Singing in Church? Part 2: Cultural Factors

This is the second post in a 5-part series examining the important but rarely-discussed question of why people don’t sing as much in church anymore. You can check out the previous post below. Part 1: Foundations In the first post, I shared three reasons why singing is an important part of our faith. But if […]

Whatever Happened to Singing in Church? Part 1: Foundations

This is the first post in a 5-part series examining the important but rarely-discussed question of why people don’t sing as much in church anymore. This post will lay the foundation. The rest of the series will look at the cultural, environmental, leadership, and musical factors that have contributed to a decline in congregational singing. […]

How to Be Content in the Midst of the Struggle

“Are we there yet?” If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard this phrase coming from the back seat of the car on a long trip. The patience of your kids has run out, but the trip is not over. But it’s not only kids who have trouble waiting. We adults are just as impatient, especially when we’re in the midst of […]

Great Artists of the Bible, Part 1: God

My favorite TV show of all time is the Twilight Zone. This classes series featured characters who were stuck in an alternative reality where nothing made sense. By the end of each episode, they were often alone, frustrated, and disconnected. Many artists of faith today feel like they are stuck in their own personal twilight […]

3 Ways ‘La La Land’ Will Ignite Your Creativity

La La Land was one of the most well-known movies featured at this year’s Academy Awards. It tells the story of a jazz pianist who falls in love with an aspiring actress, and the resulting conflict brought on by their separate ambitions. It’s a bright, inventive film that takes place in modern-day Los Angeles and […]

Book Review: ‘Save the Cat’ Will Make You a Better Storyteller

Note: This is the first post in a monthly series of book reviews. Reading is a vital part of your creative life, and my goal in this series is to curate the most important books that will unlock your creative potential. You can find an annotated list of book recommendations on my Resources page. We live […]

5 Steps to Declutter Your Workspace

Time for a confession: Our basement used to be an absolute disaster area. Over the years we had let boxes, odds and ends, and even unused furniture accumulate to the point where it was hard to even get to our washer and dryer. Every time I went into the basement (which was several times a […]

4 Convictions About Creativity That Drive Everything I Do

Creativity is a popular topic. A Google search for “creativity” produces over 600 million results. A search for “creativity blogs” produces over 21 million results. It seems that everyone, and every type of industry, loves this topic. There’s a good reason for the intense interest. Creativity is embedded into every part of our lives—relationships, career, […]

What “Hamilton” Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Taught Me About Valuing People

Let be up front: I am a huge fan of “Hamilton”, the smash Broadway musical created by Lin-Manual Miranda. “Hamilton” won 11 Tony awards in 2016 and has been the most talked-about musical in decades. And for good reason: It’s absolutely mesmerizing. But there’s another reason I’m such a big fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda: he […]

4 Unusual Ways To Get More Writing Done

  Picture this: a writer sits down at his desk to knock out his word count for the day. It might be a chapter of a book, a blog post, or some freelance writing. He glances at his calendar and sees that he has four interrupted hours of writing time. Perfect! He makes good use […]