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The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey

asDo you feel like you’ve lost your way as an artist? Are you stuck in your creative life and in need of some inspiration? Are you looking for practical advice on navigating doubt and fear, dealing with critics, figuring out your priorities, and taking control of your time?

If so, you’ll love The Artist’s Suitcase. In this game-changing guide for creatives of every kind, you’ll discover:

  • The most important quality for success (hint: it’s not talent).
  • The four questions you should ask when you’re criticized.
  • A strategy for making failure your best friend.
  • Why you must learn to say “no” and take back control of your time.

The Artist’s Suitcase pulls back the curtain on creativity and shows you the essentials in bite-sized chapters. Prepare to reignite your creative life!

Bonus Gifts: When you purchase any edition (print, e-book, audio) of The Artist’s Suitcase, you also receive access to these special bonuses:

  • Audio and PDF versions of the book.
  • An exclusive workbook that includes the reflection questions and space to record your answers.
  • A playlist of songs that reflect the themes of the book. I’ve personally selected these songs as a “soundtrack for the creative journey.”

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This book is a fantastic resource! Kent Sanders packed this book full with helpful, useful information. If you’re stuck, need encouragement or have a goal you want to accomplish, The Artist’s Suitcase will give you direction for your journey.

—Jim Woods, Writing Coach and author of Hit the Mark!

 30 Days of Evernote for Churches

cover-30-days-of-evernote-800-187x300Evernote is my most valued organizational tool. Over the last several years, I’ve helped students, professors, pastors, artists, writers, and many others learn the power of Evernote. Over time I realized there wasn’t a good resource for pastors and church leaders on using Evernote in ministry. That’s why I wrote a book addressing this need.

30 Days of Evernote for Churches is designed to give you a solid overview of Evernote and help you apply it to your life and ministry in a month’s time.

The book is divided into four parts:

  • In Part 1: Evernote Basics you will learn the basics of getting your account set up and how the Evernote desktop app is organized.
  • In Part 2: Getting Your Stuff Into Evernote you will learn a number of ways to get your content into Evernote, including scanning, emailing, using the Web Clipper, audio, typing, using speech-to-text, and much more.
  • In Part 3: Search, Mobile and Other Evernote Features you will learn about additional features of Evernote, including search capabilities, the mobile app, keeping your data secure, sharing and collaborating, and the Skitch and Penultimate apps.
  • In Part 4: Using Evernote for Ministry you will learn how to apply what you’ve learned to specific ministry areas and tasks: preaching and teaching, administration, pastoral care, worship, organization, finances, writing and blogging, travel, and more.

You may be thinking, “That’s great, Kent, but I’m not a church leader or pastor. What does your book have to do with creative people or artists?”

Glad you asked. The first three parts cover basic and advanced techniques for using Evernote. Anyone doing any type of work can benefit from this.

In Part 4, I talk about specific areas of church work and how Evernote can benefit anyone leading those areas. You may not be a worship leader, youth ministry, or preacher or teacher, but the content in these chapters can give you many ideas for using Evernote in your life.

Bonus Gifts: Anyone who purchases 30 Days of Evernote for Churches will receive these great bonuses:

  • A complete Evernote video course. This course covers all of the concepts in Part 1-3 of this book.
  • Interviews of church leaders. Kent Sanders has interviewed three church leaders, each in different positions, about how they use Evernote in their ministries.

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