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Guest Post

My goal for this blog is to equip, inspire and encourage artists and anyone doing creative work. While the primary content here comes from me, I also want to feature other writers who can bring value to my audience. I consider it both a privilege and a responsibility for me to share my platform with others and help them in the way others have helped me. To that end, I invite you to guest post for my blog.

Content & Posting Schedule

I am looking for content that focuses on one of the following topics: art, writing, creativity, personal growth and development, and leadership. I am open to other topics as well. The main thing to keep in mind that my audience consists of creatives who are making or difference or building a business with their art, so every post should be geared toward the needs and interests of that audience.

While I am a Christian and I make no attempt to hide that fact, this is not a “Christian” blog per se. My faith is a natural component of my life, and I talk openly about it when it’s relevant to the topic at hand. We are spiritual people, but we are also emotional, physical, intellectual, vocational and relational people. So feel free to write from a faith perspective if it’s relevant to the topic, just as you would any other aspect of life.

I normally post on Mondays and Thursdays, and will feature guest posts on Saturdays.


Please keep these guidelines in mind when submitting a guest post for consideration:

  • I prefer featuring original content (i.e. not published elsewhere), with one exception. If you have written a post on your own personal blog that would fit my audience, I will consider it. However, I will not consider any material that has been featured on blogs other than your own.
  • Posts should be 400-700 words long.
  • When submitting your post, please include a brief bio (2-3 sentences). Your bio can include up to three links (your blog, social media, etc.).
  • The main purpose of your post should be to provide value to readers. If you have a product or service you would like to promote, and it makes sense in the context of the post, feel free to include it. I am selective about what products to recommend to my audience, and I reserve the right to determine whether it’s a good fit for them.
  • Once the post is live, you agree to promote it to your audience and on social media. (One great way to do this is by publishing a snippet of the post on your blog.)
  • You agree to be active in the comments, responding to readers who have follow-up questions or insights.
  • I will edit your post for grammar, punctuation, or clarity. If I make any substantive changes to your content, I will send it to you for approval before publication.
  • I reserve the right to reject your post if it’s not a good fit for my audience.

How to Submit a Guest Post

Please follow these guidelines when submitting a post:

  • Send me an email to let me know of your interest. You may either include the text of the post within the message, or send it as a Word document.
  • I will respond within one week of receiving your message.
  • Include a short bio (2-3 sentences) with up to three links (your blog, social media, etc.).

My Guest Posts

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