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3 Reasons to Join the Artist’s Suitcase Insiders Team

On Tuesday, August 4 I am releasing my new book The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey. This short ebook has been a labor of love and I’m excited about the opportunity to share it with the world. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve shared excerpts here and here.

I will do my best in promote the book, there’s one thing that will make this book launch much more effective: YOU.

I really need your help in getting the word out about The Artist’s Suitcase. I’d like to share a bit about the book, what it means to be an Insider, and three reasons why you consider becoming one.

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What The Artist’s Suitcase is All About

The Artist’s Suitcase is very short, around 30 pages. Although you can read it in less than an hour, the ideas are life-changing.

This book is all about getting back to the basics of what it means to be an artist. I focus on 26 different concepts, each representing a different letter of the alphabet. In the book you’ll discover…

  • How your attitude determines whether you’re like a thermostat or thermometer
  • Why a monster lurks behind every blank page
  • How the movie Ratatouille can help you learn to deal with critics
  • Why I almost let doubt derail the book when I began writing it
  • … and 22 more!

Sometimes in the complexity and confusion of life we forget about the basics. The Artist’s Suitcase will help you re-orient your creative spirit and remind you of the essentials for your journey as an artist.

What is an Insider?

Being an Insider means that you’re helping with the launch of The Artist’s Suitcase book. You are playing a crucial role in helping get the word out about the book. I literally couldn’t do it without you!

There are four main things I’ll ask you to do:

  • Read or listen to the book
  • Leave a review on Amazon
  • Promote the book on social media
  • Join the Facebook launch team

You can also help by doing any of the following:

  • Feature a guest post by me on your blog
  • Interview me for your blog or podcast
  • Feature or review the book on your blog or podcast

3 Reasons to Become an Insider

There are three great benefits you’ll receive as an Insider:

1. You get free resources.

As an Insider, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A PDF version of the book before it’s released on Kindle
  • A .mobi version (Kindle format) that you can use on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device
  • An audio version of the book
  • A PDF copy of the workbook

2. You have an opportunity to serve other artists and influencers.

One of the best ways you can serve others is to share resources with them. This book launch isn’t about me, it’s about you and those whom you can influence by sharing the book with them (as well as the launch week bonuses).

3. You will connect with others and learn from the process.

I have helped launched many books the last few years, and have learned something valuable every single time. Even better, I’ve had the chance to connect with other creative leaders as part of these launch teams. I want to offer the same opportunity to you.

I would love for you to be a part of The Artist’s Suitcase Insiders Team. To learn more, and to sign up, visit the link below.

Click here to learn more and become an Insider!

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